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Monday, August 14, 2006

ArticleCity.com - Face Painting Tips for Your Kids Party

ArticleCity.com - Face Painting Tips for Your Kids Party

Monday, July 03, 2006

Free Information on Face Painting

Free Information on Face Painting

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Face Painting Pictures and Images Gallery

Face Painting Pictures and Images Gallery

Monday, May 22, 2006

Face paint - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Face paint - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Face paint is an artistic application of paint to a person's face.
From ancient times, it has been used for hunting, religious reasons, and military reasons (such as camouflage and membership in a military unit).
Especially in modern times, it is a common entertainment at county fairs, large open-air markets (especially in Europe and the Americas), and other locations where children and adolescents are.
There are two basic kinds of face paint.
Designs that include the emblems of favorite sports teams, cartoon characters, and other designs that are 'cute' or otherwise appealing to the young.
Designs that endeavor to color the face in such a way to indicate solidarity with a cause, usually the outcome of a sporting contest or membership in a group.
Most theme parks have booths scattered around where a person can have a design painted on their face.
A similar activity is the application of 'instant tattoos', which are paint or ink-based designs that are put on as one unit and removed by means of water, alcohol, soap, or another mild solvent."

10 Tips for Face and Body Painting

10 Tips for Face and Body Painting: "Tip 5: Special Effects
The paint you're using will work as a basic glue. To create bumpy noses or big eyebrows, soak a bit of cotton wool in the paint, place on face, cover with a piece of tissue, and paint. Puffed rice or wheat make ideal warts; simply cover with a bit of tissue and paint. For an extra-ghostly effect, apply a light dusting of flour once you've finished painting the face (be sure to get your subject to close their eyes tightly)."

Friday, May 19, 2006

face painting ideas

face painting ideas: "Face fainting supplies need : water-based face paints , clean paint brushes or cotton swabs , smock (you can use an old shirt)
face painting idea - Dog:
Fill in the bottom half of your nose with black face paint.

Paint a rounded triangle under your nose. The point should be directly under your nose and the base above your upper lip.

Paint a small 'U' directly under your lower lip and fill it in.

Paint a big circle around one of your eyes that extends from above your eyebrow to below your eye. Fill it in. (Never put face paint too close to your eyes!)

Add small black spots for 'whisker holes' on your cheeks.

Wear a brown shirt and you can really look like a dog."

Face Painting Heaven or hell

Ha Face Painters,
Well what a few days it has been here, with the summer coming on very fast now, all us face painters have to be ready for the school fares and parties.
I have to aggree with the post that I read about why kids like face painting so much, and for sure alot of it comes down to attention. Firstly the attention the artist is giving the child, and then the attention the child gets from passer by's. Can't blame them.
Take Care and keep painting

Three Best Surfing Beaches

Three Best Surfing Beaches: "Tamarindo, Costa Rica - Best Surfing Weather

All it took was the popular surfing film, The Endless Summer 2, to feature Tamarindo's awesome waves and most perfect weather, and surfers and tourists alike were waiting standby to get here. Now Tamarindo is a Central American hotspot with world-class resorts and top shelf service. None of that took away from natures' exclusive surf destination.

It's a boomtown! Tamarindo has a mix of mostly small hotels with a variety of price ranges to the larger players slowly moving in. There doesn't appear to be much rhyme or reason, with some strip malls just totally out of place.

Breaks like Little Hawaii and Witches Rock are legends thanks to consistently huge waves and picture-perfect weather. There are waves for everyone here - longboarders and shortboarders - just ask the locals what are your best options.

Tamarindo is a long beach, but remember if your friends come to watch and swim, it can get a little rough. And, be careful where you swim - rocks are just offshore, barely below the surface. Of course, this is what makes it ideal for surfing! But if you're bodysurfing, take note - you could get hurt.

Swimming near the mouth of the estuary is a little dangerous at times because of the strong currents. Try to do your swimming down at the southern end, near Punta Langosta.

Easy to get to, Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a top tourist destination as well, with the winter months (October through March) being the peak weeks. Don't get discouraged. Here wave action is 'totally awesome' from April through July.

The biggest waves you'll ride can get up to 9 feet. Tamarindo is a great place to use as home base as you explore many of the breaks to the north and south. There are several breaks in town including Rivermouth and Lango"

The Undercover Flâneur: Face Painting and Spiderman

The Undercover Flâneur: Face Painting and Spiderman

DSC04789 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

DSC04789 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A Man of Numbers: Face Painting

A Man of Numbers: Face Painting

Parenting, Kids and Family: A Mom's Fascination With Face Painting

Parenting, Kids and Family: A Mom's Fascination With Face Painting: "Thursday, April 06, 2006
A Mom's Fascination With Face Painting
As the mom of a three and a five year old, I've been to many school events, community festivals and charity functions where the face painting booth, no matter what else was going on, was the star attraction.

So I began to wonder, why is it that face painting booths are so popular?

Attention - All children crave attention. Come to think of it, most adults do too. When a child is sitting in the chair, the face painter is completely focused on that child. You can just see how special that child feels at that moment.

Creativity - Any kind of painting is an expression of creativity. When kids choose the design they wish to have painted on their face, they take command of their own creativity and self-expression.

Individuality - Kids are expected to have the right toys…the right clothes. Generation after generation, youngsters are encouraged to conform to be socially accepted. Face Painting is one way to express individuality.

Fun - Let's face it. Having your face painted is just plain fun. And is there any sweeter look than the quick glances that kids take of themselves in the mirror after a face painting session? That little smirk on their face is priceless.

Face painting seemed like an awesome way to entertain my kids on a rainy day. Face Painters make it look so easy. I thought, 'I can do that.'

I had so many questions, but not a clue where to start. I searched face painting on the internet and although I found some beautiful photos of full face creations, they didn't really help me much as a beginner. I simply wanted to learn how to paint a flower design on my daughter's cheek. I knew, how"

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

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