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Friday, May 19, 2006

Three Best Surfing Beaches

Three Best Surfing Beaches: "Tamarindo, Costa Rica - Best Surfing Weather

All it took was the popular surfing film, The Endless Summer 2, to feature Tamarindo's awesome waves and most perfect weather, and surfers and tourists alike were waiting standby to get here. Now Tamarindo is a Central American hotspot with world-class resorts and top shelf service. None of that took away from natures' exclusive surf destination.

It's a boomtown! Tamarindo has a mix of mostly small hotels with a variety of price ranges to the larger players slowly moving in. There doesn't appear to be much rhyme or reason, with some strip malls just totally out of place.

Breaks like Little Hawaii and Witches Rock are legends thanks to consistently huge waves and picture-perfect weather. There are waves for everyone here - longboarders and shortboarders - just ask the locals what are your best options.

Tamarindo is a long beach, but remember if your friends come to watch and swim, it can get a little rough. And, be careful where you swim - rocks are just offshore, barely below the surface. Of course, this is what makes it ideal for surfing! But if you're bodysurfing, take note - you could get hurt.

Swimming near the mouth of the estuary is a little dangerous at times because of the strong currents. Try to do your swimming down at the southern end, near Punta Langosta.

Easy to get to, Tamarindo, Costa Rica is a top tourist destination as well, with the winter months (October through March) being the peak weeks. Don't get discouraged. Here wave action is 'totally awesome' from April through July.

The biggest waves you'll ride can get up to 9 feet. Tamarindo is a great place to use as home base as you explore many of the breaks to the north and south. There are several breaks in town including Rivermouth and Lango"


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