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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Welcome to face painters home

Hello all face painters,
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Haute N Riot: Karyn Jenius Afro-Brasilian Birthday
Current mood: accomplished

When i was eleven, i remeber being in Africa, getting ready for the christmas ritual traditon, and watching the masqurades rund down the streets with their large Oba Mask, and rafia hanging out, their faces painted with tirbal dots, and lines... i was terrified of course, but one thing i did rememeber was the infectious drum beats, the dancing, the fire torches (and no we weren't invoking spirits...haha) and everyone just tossing their bodies to drumming rhythm... it was Haute! I remember being sixteen and watching the brasilian dancers dancing their "baianera", and doing copawiera on stage with tiki torches, and this one fine-a$* brasilian named "Montana", with butter pecan skin, and green eyes, corn rows down his back and rippling pectorals that made you want to lick vanilla ice cream off his chest...hmmm *wipes forehead of sweat*... those were the days, who would of thought 22 years later i would be infusing the two cultures together to have my own AFRO-BRASILIAN Birthday (but my birthday is on MAY 17)...

*the face painting is an African and Brasilian Culture (tho brasilians have african decent....just incase you were wondering why the hell we had face paint on...and doesnt Jamond look Haute as hmmm.. he's the one in dreds. sorry john, dats my future hubby rite there FO REAL!)

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